Correlative nanoscopy measures multiple sample properties with nanoscale spatial resolution for their correlative analysis. The ultimate goal of correlative nanoscopy is to provide simultaneous all-around nanoscale characterization of optical, mechanical, electrical and thermal and other properties.

ease of correlative nanoscopy

Challenge: nanoscale measurements with different instruments are slow and expensive. Correlating these measurements is difficult, if not impossible. Thus, correlative nanoscopy requires measuring multiple physical properties in the same instrument and preferentially simultaneously to reduce the effort of correlative analysis.

neaSCOPE combines state-of-the-art technologies with flexible software integration, which enables the largest number of different physical properties (Optical, Chemical, Electrical, Electro-optical, Thermal, Mechanical, etc.) to be analyzed simultaneously and in the same instrument, thus minimizing the costs and user effort for correlative analysis.

All around sample characterization in a single instrument


neaspec correlative nanoscopy provides:

  • Measurement of up to 4 local properties simultaneously for comprehensive nanoscale analysis
    correlative imaging of topo+IR+THz+KpFM on SRAM
  • Native support of custom measurement modes e.g. photo-current, etc. using versatile data acquisition electronics.

Corrrelation of s-SNOM and Photocurrnet on Graphene

  • Imaging and spectroscopy with complete spectral coverage from visible to THzvis to THz carrier profiling
  • Correlative IR and Raman nanoscopy for complete sample analysis using elastic and inelastic scattering

nano-FTIR + TERS on Acetaminophen

  • Correlative s-SNOM and nanoscale photoluminescence (nano-PL) imaging in a single instrument.

correlative s-SNOM and nano-PL imaging

  • Correlative visible s-SNOM imaging and TERS for nanoscale inspection of SERS substrates.

SERS substrate analysis

  • Simultaneous absorption & reflectivity at each pixel for complete characterization of sample’s optical properties with 10 nm spatial resolution

absorption + reflectivity at each ixel

  • Simultaneous measurement of work function and reflectivity in Graphene and other 2D materials.

Simultaneous KPFM + s-SNOM

  • Correlative nanoscale analysis of polymer blends
  • Correlative analysis of Mechanical & Thermal properties of polymer blends

Correlative Nanoscopy Advantages & Strengths

comprehensive nanoscopy

Most Comprehensive

Largest number of best-in-class technologies for deep all-around nanoanalysis

max performance

Max Performance

Best light focusing and collection technologies from top optics experts for highest sensitivity and sample protection

Proven Technology


Functionality of neaspec instruments is proven by highest scientific impact and achievements

designed for future

Highest Potential

Hardware designed with maximum functionality for supporting today’s and future technologies

user friendly software

User Friendly

Software optimized for simultaneous monitoring of multiple channels, storing multidimensional data and with single user interface for all measurement modes

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