Imaging & Spectroscopy Application Notes of neaspec Microscopes

Researchers from Georgia employed nano-FTIR spectroscopy and IR nanoscale imaging for investigating how individual enveloped viruses (CoV, IFV, HIV, Ebola, etc.) enter into a host cell, revealing new membrane penetration mechanisms and inhibition processes for antiviral therapies.

neaspec’s neaSNOM was used by researchers at the CIC nanoGUNE to visualize how light moves in time and space inside an exotic class of matter known as hyperbolic materials. For the first time, ultraslow pulse propagation and backward propagating waves in deep subwavelength-scale thick slabs of boron nitride – a natural hyperbolic material for infrared light – could be observed.

Infrared near-field microscopy allows to study the propagation of surface waves in the infrared spectral regime. Amplitude and phase resolved near-field images reveal local interference effects or enable the determination of the complex wave vector of surface waves. Surface waves can be excited in the mid-infrared spectral regime by e.g. metal structures on Silicon Carbide…