THz-neaSCOPE+s nanoscopy

Brings terahertz analysis to the nanoscale:
  • Largest compatibility to broadband & single-frequency THz sources with complete spectral coverage by using all-reflective optics,
  • Comprehensive correlative analysis with photo-current mapping, pump-probe spectroscopy & nano-FTIR by modular system & multi-port beam-path design,
  • Low cost, compact and fully integrated THz nanoscopy based on affordable THz TDS technology.

THz-neaSCOPE+s – a versatile platform for nanoscale terahertz (THz) near-field imaging and spectroscopy

THz-neaSCOPE+s enables THz imaging and spectroscopy at the nanoscale. A fully integrated, turn-key configuration based on a compact THz-TDS system enables immediate investigations of conductivity phenomena in semiconducting nanostructures, 2D nanomaterials and novel complex material systems. THz-neaSCOPE+s also supports various free-space coupled THz and sub-THz sources and provides unprecedently large access to the probing tip. In conjunction with the most flexible software integration among all SPM instrument on the market, THz-neaSCOPE+s is the most powerful instrument for nanoscale THz analysis.



Delivers nanoscale complex optical properties by combining THz laser-source with AFM.


Typical applications & samples

Selected Publications


Acoustic terahertz graphene plasmons revealed by photocurrent nanoscopy

Alonso-González et al. Nature Nanotechnology 12, 31 (2016)


Nanoscale terahertz scanning probe microscopy

Cocker et al. Nature Photonics 15, 558 (2021)

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All products include a proprietary AFM designed for nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy in IR, THz and visible spectral ranges.


Provides nanoscale infrared (IR) imaging and spectroscopy based on probing laser-induced photothermal expansion with an AFM tip.


Provides polarization-resolved near-field mapping of local complex electromagnetic fields (amplitude & phase).


Enables nanoscale infrared (IR) imaging and nano-FTIR spectroscopy by detecting the light scattered from a standard AFM tip.



A versatile platform for nanoscale terahertz (THz) near-field imaging and spectroscopy.



Enables ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy at 10fs temporal and 10nm spatial resolution.



Revolutionizes nanoscale spectroscopy by combining nano-FTIR with nano-PL & TERS.



Pioneering instrument for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy in eXtreme cryogenic environment.


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