cryo-neaSCOPE-xs pioneering cryo s-SNOM

Empowers to discover new science by enabling:
  • Nanoscale optical analysis at cryogenic temperatures down to < 10 K
    using best-in-class s-SNOM & nano-FTIR technologies,
  • Broadest applications range from infrared to THz
    using compatible neaspec illumination & detection modules,
  • Fast turnaround time & low-cost operation
    using fully automated closed-cycle high-vacuum dry-cryostat.

cryo-neaSCOPE+xs – pioneering instrument for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy in extreme cryogenic environment

cryo-neaSCOPE+xs enables near-field optical nanoimaging and nanospectroscopy at extreme cryogenic temperatures. It features high-quality near-field measurements in an unmatched spectral range from visible to IR and even THz frequencies. The system thus provides access to a full range of relevant energy scales and allows studying physical phenomena at temperatures down and below 10 K. cryo-neaSCOPE+xs is based on a fully automated dry cryostat for easy cryogen-free operation with fastest in class turnaround times. The system provides confocal access to the sample and natively supports electrical transport measurements via integrated feedthroughs for ultimate cryogenic research.



Provides nanoscale absorption and reflectivity by combining VIS, IR or THz sources with AFM.


Allows for nanoscale chemical identification by combining s-SNOM with FTIR.

cryogenic nanoscopy

Probes physical phenomena at cryogenic temperatures and nanoscale spatial resolution.


Delivers nanoscale complex optical properties by combining THz laser-source with AFM.


Typical applications & samples

Selected publications


Electronic transport in submicrometric channels at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3interface

Boselli et al. Physical Review B 103, 075431 (2021)


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All products include a proprietary AFM designed for nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy in IR, THz and visible spectral ranges.


Provides nanoscale infrared (IR) imaging and spectroscopy based on probing laser-induced photothermal expansion with an AFM tip.


Provides polarization-resolved near-field mapping of local complex electromagnetic fields (amplitude & phase).


Enables nanoscale infrared (IR) imaging and nano-FTIR spectroscopy by detecting the light scattered from a standard AFM tip.



A versatile platform for nanoscale terahertz (THz) near-field imaging and spectroscopy.



Enables ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy at 10fs temporal and 10nm spatial resolution.



Revolutionizes nanoscale spectroscopy by combining nano-FTIR with nano-PL & TERS.



Pioneering instrument for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy in eXtreme cryogenic environment.


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