Introducing neaSCOPE

On Thursday 17th of November, we introduced a new product line which provides:
- maximum correlative nanoscopy options for all-around sample surface characterization,
- enhanced usability for simplified operation in shared user facilities and R&D labs,
- software developer kit for maximum flexibility and expert users.
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Introducing Ultrafast Nanoscopy

On Thursday 14th of July, we introduced a new technology which provides:
- High performance with low peak-power lasers,
- 100% pointing stability, chirp-free optics and fully integrated turn-key system.
Target audience: expert, new and future users of neaspec microscopes.
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IR nanoscopy with ultrabroad tunable source

We introduced a new laser source which provides:
- Widest tuning range 550-7000 cm-1,
- Compatibility with s-SNOM and AFM-IR.
Target audience: expert, new and future users of neaspec microscopes.
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Live DEMO: Smart Interactive User Experience

Robert Stabla & Sergiu Amarie introduced a new software feature which provides:
- Video examples and recommended parameters,
- Guided instructions and interactive suggestions.
Target audience: expert, new and future users of neaspec microscopes.
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nano-FTIR enables scientific breakthrough worldwide

Dr. Tobias Gokus, Dr. Stefan Mastel & Dr. Sergiu Amarie summarizes breakthroughs of nano-FTIR users in diverse fields of science, engineering, and industrial research.
Key learning objectives:
- Working principle of nano-FTIR and benefits compared to FTIR (organic & inorganic),
- Examples from research area that profit from nano-FTIR technology.
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Live DEMO: s-SNOM Imaging & Spectroscopy

Dr. Tobias Gokus & Dr. Sergiu Amarie demonstrate nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy on organic and inorganic samples. Register & challenge us with your questions.
You will learn how neaspec achieves:
- top performance on all types of materials (organic & inorganic),
- fastest measurements without compromise on quality.
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Live DEMO: AFM-IR Imaging & Spectroscopy

Dr. Stefan Mastel & Dr. Sergiu Amarie, application specialists @ neaspec demonstrate chemical mapping on polymer composites. Register & challenge us with your questions.
You will learn how neaspec achieves:
- artefact-free absorption measurements without mechanical influence,
- maximum performance without sample damage & independent from user experience.
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nano-FTIR applications for organic, 2D, & biological materials

Dr. Nicolai Hartmann & Dr. Sergiu Amarie, application specialists @ neaspec present:
- nano-plastic contamination in sea water, ice & snow
- quantum-dots formation in hBN for multichannel single electron transistors
- degradation mechanism in perovskite solar cell materials
- identification of protein inclusion bodies in bacterial cells
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Online DEMO: nano-FTIR & hyperspectral imaging

Dr. Adrian Cernescu & Dr. Sergiu Amarie, application specialists @ neaspec present:
- Guided workflow demonstration of neaspec intuitive software
- Fluent measurement process by alignment-free sample exchange
- nano-FTIR performance on monolayer protein sample
- Fastest spectroscopy system without compromises on quality
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Nanoscale study of metal corrosion

Dr. Magnus Johnson, university lector @ KTH Stockholm presents:
- benefit of nano-FTIR for corrosion studies
- premature detection of atmospheric corrosion
- identification of corrosion products at the nanoscale
- reduction of corrosion using inhibitors
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Infrared synchrotron nanoscopy research at LNLS

Dr. Raul Freitas IMBUIA beamline leader @ LNLS presents:
- biosystems in their natural environment
- plasmon-phonon polaritons in G-hBN devices
- nano-drugs delivery in bacteria
- nano-chemistry of human hair
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neaSNOM applications and configurations

Dr. Andreas Huber director of applications @ neaspec presents:
- polymer interfaces & nanoscale polyamide layers
- thin material coating with 2nm QTD molecules
- compositional map & statistical distribution in rubbers
- carrier concentration & dopping map in semiconductors

Uncover exotic properties of 2D materials

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand group leader @ nanoGUNE presents:
- dispersion of light in isotropic & uniaxial crystals
- Phonon-polariton propagation in h-BN
- hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in a h-BN slab
- exotic wave phenomena in 2D materials

Watching in-situ H diffusion dynamics in Mg

Julian Karst PhD student  @ University of Stuttgart presents:
- dynamic plasmonic color display
- active plasmonics & switchable metasurfaces
- optimisation of H diffusion kinetics
- in-situ investigation of Mg/MgH phase transition

Tutorial: quantitative data analysis

Dr. Alexander Govyadinov  product manager @ neaspec presents:
- nano-FTIR: the nanoscale analogue of standard FTIR
- analysis of dispersion mapping in 2D materials
- relationship between chemical-ID & sample thickness
- method of extracting carrier concentration from sSNOM data

nano-FTIR: useful tool for solving real-world problems

Dr. Iban Amenabar  nanooptics specialist @ nanoGUNE presents:
- polymer industry applications
- optimisation of rubber materials
- pharmacology & cosmetics
- application in biotechnology sector

Tutorial: basics of s-SNOM imaging & spectroscopy

Dr. Alexander Govyadinov  product manager @ neaspec presents:
- how to circumvent the diffraction limit
- method for efficiently suppress background
- how to measures simultaneous absorption & reflectivity
- identification of nanoscale contaminations

Correlative nanoscopy of organic & inorganic materials

Dr. Andreas Huber & Dr. Sergiu Amarie application specialists @ neaspec present:
- workflow & classification of correlative nanoscopy
- correlation of AFM & chemical-ID in polymer blends
- spectroscopic correlation of TERS, nano-FTIR & PTE+
- nanoscale thermal analysis by means of nano-TA & SThM
- quantification of carrier density with THz-TDS nanoscopy
- photo-current mapping on confined SPPs graphene devices

Nanoscale analytics applications in polymer science

Dr. Sergiu Amarie (neaspec) & Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand (nanoGUNE) present:
- correlative workflow example on block copolymers
- nano-plastic contamination in sea water
- chemical identification of nanoscale particles
- gas-filtration polymer membranes
- chemical mapping of complex polymer composites
- hyperspectral imaging applied to polymer blends

Nanoscale analytics applications in life science

Dr. Sergiu Amarie (neaspec) & Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand (nanoGUNE) present:
- bio-minerals workflow example
- single tabacco mosaic virus
- single ferritin protein complex
- monolayer mapping of protein membrane