neaspec is committed to ensuring you and your team become rapidly familiar with our products to reach optimum productivity

noting detailsFree 2-day basic training included

Every neaSNOM system installation includes a free-of-charge two-day personal training from the neaspec personnel present on-site. All neaSNOM installations and trainings are carried out by our experts with years of professional experience in neaSNOM and the near-field microscopy.

Extended and/or One-to-One training

We also offer additional custom and personalized neaSNOM user trainings. Extended trainings or One-to-One neaSNOM user trainings are possible on-site or at our neaspec Training Center. In depth user trainings are performed by neaspec senior experts only and will be tailored specifically to your needs, including:

  • Practical introduction to neaSNOM
  • Supervised hands-on experience
  • Training completely adjusted to your needs
  • Special topics relevant to your industry or field of application

If you would like to benefit from our One-to-One trainings, please contact us for more information by e-mail at