Manipulating hyperbolic transient plasmons in a layered semiconductor

Rao Fu, Yusong Qu, Mengfei Xue, Xinghui Liu, Shengyao Chen, Yongqian Zhao, Runkun Chen, Boxuan Li, Hongming Weng, Qian Liu, Qing Dai and Jianing Chen

Nature Communications 15, 709 (2024)
Anisotropic materials with oppositely signed dielectric tensors support hyperbolic polaritons, displaying enhanced electromagnetic localization and directional energy flow. However, the most reported hyperbolic phonon polaritons are difficult to apply for active electro-optical modulations and optoelectronic devices. Here, we report a dynamic topological plasmonic dispersion transition in black phosphorus via photo-induced carrier injection, i.e., transforming the iso-frequency contour from a pristine ellipsoid to a non-equilibrium hyperboloid. Our work also demonstrates the peculiar transient plasmonic properties of the studied layered semiconductor, such as the ultrafast transition, low propagation losses, efficient optical emission from the black phosphorus’s edges, and the characterization of different transient plasmon modes. Our results may be relevant for the development of future optoelectronic applications.