Near-Field Mapping of Optical Modes on All-Dielectric Silicon Nanodisks

Terefe Getaneh Habteyes, Isabelle Staude, Katie E. Chong, Jason Dominguez, Manuel Decker, Andrey Miroshnichenko, Yuri Kivshar, and Igal Brener

ACS Photonics, 1, p. 794 (2014)
We measure, for the first time to our knowledge, the near-field amplitudes and phases of localized optical modes of high index all-dielectric nanoparticles using apertureless near-field optical microscopy. For individual silicon nanodisks, we observe a four-lobed mode pattern and the formation of deep-subwavelength hot-spots. Our numerical calculations of the optical near-fields of the nanodisks in combination with a multipole expansion of the scattered field based on vector spherical harmonics reveal that the observed modes are dominated by electric quadrupole contributions. The observed mode is of particular interest for the design of low-loss all-dielectric metasurfaces and nanoantennas for a broad range of applications, such as directional and complex-polarization controlled emission, light extraction from multipolar atomic transitions, and coherent multiple-emitter-nanocavity interactions.