Oxidative polymerization of triarylamines: a promising route to low-cost hole transport materials for efficient perovskite solar cells

O. A. Kraevaya, A. F. Latypova, A. A. Sokolova, A. A. Seleznyova, N. A. Emelianov, N. A. Slesarenko, V. Y. Markov, L. A. Frolova and P. A. Troshin

Sustainable Energy and Fuels 6, 3485 (2022)
Oxidative polymerization of monosubstituted triarylamines mediated by FeCl3 was proven to be an efficient and economic approach for the synthesis of polytriarylamines (PTAAs) for photovoltaic applications. Particularly, perovskite solar cells with both n–i–p and p–i–n architectures fabricated using synthesized PTAAs as HTL materials demonstrated power conversion efficiencies similar to or higher than devices produced using high-cost commercial samples of PTAAs. The obtained results pave the way for affordable HTL materials, bringing perovskite photovoltaics closer towards commercialization.