Low-aberration beamline optics for synchrotron infrared nanospectroscopy

R. O. Freitas, C. Deneke, F. C. B. Maia, H. G. Medeiros, T. Moreno, P. Dumas, Y. Petroff and H. Westfahl

Optics Express 26, 11238-11249 (2018)
Synchrotron infrared nanospectroscopy is a recently developed technique that enables new possibilities in the broadband chemical analysis of materials in the nanoscale, far beyond the diffraction limit in this frequency domain. Synchrotron infrared ports have exploited mainly the high brightness advantage provided by electron storage rings across the whole infrared range. However, optical aberrations in the beam produced by the source depth of bending magnet emission at large angles prevent infrared nanospectroscopy to reach its maximum capability. In this work we present a low-aberration optical layout specially designed and constructed for a dedicated synchrotron infrared nanospectroscopy beamline.We report excellent agreement between simulated beam profiles (from standard wave propagation and raytracing optics simulations) with experimental measurements.We report an important improvement in the infrared nanospectroscopy experiment related to the improved beamline optics. Finally, we demonstrate the performance of the nanospectroscopy endstation by measuring a hyperspectral image of a polar material and we evaluate the setup sensitivity by measuring ultra-thin polymer films down to 6 nm thick.