Fast Twist Angle Mapping of Bilayer Graphene Using Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Contrast Microscopy

Teja Potočnik, Oliver Burton, Marcel Reutzel, David Schmitt, Jan Philipp Bange, Stefan Mathias, Fabian R. Geisenhof, R. Thomas Weitz, Linyuan Xin, Hannah J. Joyce, Stephan Hofmann and Jack A. Alexander-Webber

Nano Letters 23, 5506 (2023)

Twisted bilayer graphene provides an ideal solid-state model to explore correlated material properties and opportunities for a variety of optoelectronic applications, but reliable, fast characterization of the twist angle remains a challenge. Here we introduce spectroscopic ellipsometric contrast microscopy (SECM) as a tool for mapping twist angle disorder in optically resonant twisted bilayer graphene. We optimize the ellipsometric angles to enhance the image contrast based on measured and calculated reflection coefficients of incident light. The optical resonances associated with van Hove singularities correlate well to Raman and angle-resolved photoelectron emission spectroscopy, confirming the accuracy of SECM. The results highlight the advantages of SECM, which proves to be a fast, nondestructive method for characterization of twisted bilayer graphene over large areas, unlocking process, material, and device screening and cross-correlative measurement potential for bilayer and multilayer materials.