Designer magnetoplasmonics with Nickel Nanoferromagnets

V. Bonanni, S. Bonetti, T. Pakizeh, Z. Pirazadeh, J. Chen, J. Nogues, P. Vavassori, R. Hillenbrand, J. Akerman, and A. Dmitriev

Nano letters 11, p.5333 (2011)
We introduce a new perspective on magnetoplasmonics in nickel nanoferromagnets by exploiting the phase tunability of the optical polarizability due to localized surface plasmons and simultaneous magneto-optical activity. We demonstrate how the concerted action of nanoplasmonics and magnetization can manipulate the sign of rotation of the reflected light’s polarization (i.e., to produce Kerr rotation reversal) in ferromagnetic nanomaterials and, further, how this effect can be dynamically controlled and employed to devise conceptually new schemes for biochemosensing.