Real-Space Mapping of Fano Interference in Plasmonic Metamolecules

P. Alonso-Gonzalez, M. Schnell, P. Sarriugarte, H. Sobhani, C. Wu, N. Arju, A. Khanikaev, F. Golmar, P. Albella, L. Arzubiaga, F. Casanova, L. E. Hueso, P. Nordlander, G. Shvets, and R. Hillenbrand

Nano letters 11, p.3922 (2011)
An unprecedented control of the spectral response of plasmonic nanoantennas has recently been achieved by designing structures that exhibit Fano resonances. This new insight is paving the way for a variety of applications, such as biochemical sensing and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Here we use scattering-type near-field optical microscopy to map the spatial field distribution of Fano modes in infrared plasmonic systems. We observe in real space the interference of narrow (dark) and broad (bright) plasmonic resonances, yielding intensity and phase toggling between different portions of the plasmonic metamolecules when either their geometric sizes or the illumination wavelength is varied.