Nanoscale Free Carrier Profiling on Individual Semiconductor Nanowires by Infrared Near-Field Nanoscopy

J. M. Stiegler, A. J. Huber, S. L. Diedenhofen, J. Gómez Rivas, R. E. Algra, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, and R. Hillenbrand

Nano letters 10, p.1387 (2010)
We report quantitative, noninvasive and nanoscale-resolved mapping of the free-carrier distribution in InP nanowires with doping modulation along the axial and radial directions, by employing infrared near-field nanoscopy. Owing to the technique’s capability of subsurface probing, we provide direct experimental evidence that dopants in interior nanowire shells effectively contribute to the local free-carrier concentration. The high sensitivity of s-SNOM also allows us to directly visualize nanoscale variations in the free-carrier concentration of wires as thin as 20 nm, which we attribute to local growth defects. Our results open interesting avenues for studying local conductivity in complex nanowire heterostructures, which could be further enhanced by near-field infrared nanotomography.