Protective coatings for ceramic artefacts exposed to UV ageing

Andrei V. Oancea, George Bodi, Adrian Cernescu, Iuliana Spiridon, Alina Nicolescu, Mioara Drobota, Corneliu Cotofana, Bogdan C. Simionescu and Mihaela Olaru

Materials Degradation 7, 21 (2023)
The commercial acrylic copolymer Paraloid B72 (PB72) and a synthesized nanostructured material (AMF) bearing silsesquioxane, methacrylate and fluorine units were analyzed to assess their performances as protective coatings for the conservation of Neolithic Cucuteni ceramic pottery when submitted to UV ageing. In the context of comparative evaluation of the protective efficiency, the present paper reports the use of a functional coating that operates via specific photochemical transformations at the coating-air interface as a UV resistant protection coating for cultural heritage artefacts. The main factors that influenced the photo-degradation behavior of the polymeric materials included their structure, the properties at the polymer/air interfaces, and the preferential orientation of functional groups at the surface of the polymeric coatings.