In-plane coherent control of plasmon resonances for plasmonic switching and encoding

L. Jiang, T. Yin, A. M. Dubrovkin, Z. Dong, Y. Chen, W. Chen, J. K. W. Yang and Z. Shen

Light Sci. Appl. 8, s41377 (2019)
Considerable attention has been paid recently to coherent control of plasmon resonances in metadevices for potential applications in all-optical light-with-light signal modulation and image processing. Previous reports based on out-of-plane coherent control of plasmon resonances were established by modulating the position of a metadevice in standing waves. Here we show that destructive and constructive absorption can be realized in metallic nano-antennas through in-plane coherent control of plasmon resonances, which is determined by the distribution rule of electrical-field components of nano-antennas. We provide proof-of-principle demonstrations of plasmonic switching effects in a gold nanodisk monomer and dimer, and propose a plasmonic encoding strategy in a gold nanodisk chain. In-plane coherent control of plasmon resonances may open a new avenue toward promising applications in optical spectral enhancement, imaging, nanolasing, and optical communication in nanocircuits.