Evidence of One-Dimensional Channels in Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Porous Thin Films Fabricated at the Air/Liquid Interface

K. Yamanami, Y. Fujita, K. Matsui, R. Asari, T. Kusawake and T. K. Shimizu

Langmuir 38, 1910 (2022)
Visualization of periodically aligned pores in organic frameworks is a key to the understanding of their structural control. Comparing to monolayer-thick self-assembled molecular networks, real-space nanoscale characterization of thicker films, especially obtaining information on the stacking manner of molecules is challenging. Here, we report an atomic force microscopy study of hydrogen-bonded thin films fabricated at the air/liquid interface. The presence of one-dimensional channels is evidenced by resolving honeycomb structures over the films with the thickness variation of more than several nanometers. We also demonstrate that the film thickness can be controlled by the ratio of mixed solvent rather than the surface pressure during the fabrication at the air/liquid interface.