Impedance spectroscopy characterization of relaxation mechanisms in gold–chitosan nanocomposites

Alexandra Neagu, Lavinia Curecheriu, Mirela Airimioaei, Ana Cazacu, Adrian Cernescu , Liliana Mitoseriu

Composites: Part B 71 (2015) 210–217 (2014)
Au–Chi nanocomposites with different AuNPs additions were investigated. The dispersion of AuNPs in polymer matrix was observed using s-SNOM analysis. The dielectric properties as a function of temperature show two relaxation processes: (1) a primary a-relaxation process, at low temperatures; (2) a second low frequency relaxation at temperatures between 70 C and 150 C identified as the r-relaxation often associated with short range ion mobility. In nanocomposite films, the r-relaxation process overcomes the a-relaxation process so that the glass transition is no longer detected. The dielectric nonlinear properties (tunability) shown an increase of dipolar moment with AuNPs additions and this results are in good correlation with matrix modification in FTIR investigation.