Selected‐Area Chemical Nanoengineering of Vanadium Dioxide Nanostructures Through Nonlithographic Direct Writing

S. Wang, W. Wei, T. Huang, T. Zhang, Z. Chen, L. Sun, H. Xia, T. Li, X. Chen, X. Chen, W. Lu and N. Dai

Adv. Mater. Interfaces 5, 1800974 (2018)
Nanoscale selected-area chemical engineering is challenging but critical to manipulate carrier transport and realize multifunctional characteristics in advanced devices. Undesired chemical contaminants might occur in conventional lithographic processes and would degrade the characteristics of chemical-sensitive vanadium oxide nanostructures. Here, a facile strategy is introduced to chemically engineer VO2 nanostructures using a nonlithographic direct-writing process without chemical reagents and sacrificial layers. Nanoscale selected-area photooxidation promotes the formation of VO2+x patterns in VO2 nanostructures. Selected-area chemical nanoengineering allows direct designing and engineering of correlated vanadium oxides for controllable Mott field-effect transistors and memory devices.