neaSCOPE’s center-symmetric design provides high thermal stability by efficiently canceling thermal expansions, which drastically reduces measurement drift. This enables long measurement times for high-quality nano-spectroscopy & nano-imaging and easy return to even the smallest features of interest, e.g. single protein complexes or carbon nanotubes.

neaSNOM center-symmetric design provides highest thermal AFM stability

Other non-symmetric product designs suffers from lower thermal AFM stability

Test-proof example of sharp-structure demonstrated with neaSCOPE & protective housing

cryo-neaSCOPE AFM scanning 3 nm quantum dot particles in a 3 hours experiment performed at 8 °K.

neaSCOPE is the only commercial near-field microscope that :

  • Provides high-quality distortionless imaging by ensuring ultra-low thermal drifts below 5nm/min.
  • Delivers highest quality nanospectroscopy with best-in-class sensitivity by allowing long measurement time even at single macromolecules.
  • Can reliably image the same area multiple times for registration of time-dynamic processes, such as phase transitions, corrosion, surface chemistry etc.

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