neaSCOPE microscope delivers and monitors simultaneously up to 4 channels for correlative all-around (e.g. optical, electric, thermal and mechanical) sample analysis within the same instrument.

neaSCOPE processes up to 4 correlative channels simultanesouly

Nanoscale mechanical-thermal analysis of polymer blends

Simultaneous characterization of domain structure, charge-carrier mobility & polarity

Quantitative mapping of local doping concentration & electric properties in semiconductors

Simultaneous characterization of thickness, reflectivity and work-function

neaSCOPE is the only commercial microscope that :

  • Measures up to 4 local properties simultaneously for comprehensive nanoscale analysis.
  • Allows for native implementation of custom modes e.g. photo-expansion, photo-current.
  • Allows for effortless correlation of different measurements by using a single microscope.
  • Includes software interface optimized for simultaneous monitoring of multiple channels.

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