neaSCOPE automatically stores user-specific imaging data from different data channels together (e.g. mechanical and optical images) and links them with spectra measured in the same area of interest. All data sets acquired on the same sample location are further linked with an image from high-resolution widefield optical inspection microscope. This provides easy export and correlation of different datasets for straightforward correlative nanoscopy analysis and publication ready results.

neaSCOPE automatically links multidimensional data over all scales and dimensions of investigation

neaSCOPE is the only commercial microscope that :

  • Automatically links together all scales and dimensions of investigation to avoid correlation errors.
  • Allows easy browsing of multidimensional data efficiently replacing all your lab-books and notes.
  • Automatically sorts data by user, area of interest, date, etc. for efficient data storage & management.
  • Enables one-click structured export of linked multidimensional data for smooth work continuity on your PC.

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