neaSCOPE unique design features a large sample chamber that accommodates large sample size and weights up to 75mm and 100g (no need for cleaving or other preparation). Such a large sample chamber allows for placing multiple compact-size samples into the microscope at once. This speeds up measurement workflow and removes the necessity of opening the sample chamber that is often important for operation in controlled atmosphere. Importantly, it also provides means of placing an external reference necessary for samples without in-situ reference material.

neaSCOPE sample chamber is designed to accommodate large sample size

Sample chamber of other products are restricted to small sample-size and sample-weight

neaSCOPE is the only commercial nanoscale microscope that:

  • Accommodates any sample size up to 50x100mm and even large wafers.
  • Doesn’t require further preparation of large and heavy samples, e.g. cleaving, cutting or braking.
  • Accommodates multiple compact size samples for fluent measurements without the necessity of opening the sample chamber.

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