neaSCOPE integrates an unique microscope camera system combining cutting‑edge technology to capture up to 9 times denser pixel. Get useful images over a broad range of sample reflectivity from dark sample up to bright high reflective metal. in drastically lower light.

neaSNOM integrated inspection microscope tailored for nanoscale analytics

Other products with low resolution suffers from poor inspection of nano structures

neaSCOPE is the only commercial nanoscale microscope that:

  • Precise focusing pre-alignment on the AFM tip sped-up the alignment procedure becomes easier at the same time.
  • Software integrated camera at all measurement steps where the user needs it.
  • Automatically correlate the inspection image with all your scans and spectra à make it easier to find the data afterwards.
  • Offers high most spatial resolution of up to 4 times in white-mode and up to 9 time better resolved features with by using blue-light filter. Request for this option form your sales application engineer.
  • Implements an interactive digital zoom very useful to find area of interest and make focusing aligment easier.
  • Offers large numerical aperture on the market. 0.6NA
  • Save measurement time by Find area of interest without AFM scanning.