Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand (neaspec Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder) wins the Ludwig-Genzel-Prize 2014 for the design and development of infrared near-field spectroscopy and the application of this novel spectro­scopic method in different areas of natural sciences.

Ludwig Genzel Prize 2014

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand is a pioneer and world-leading expert at developing devices for optical near-field microscopy. This revolutionary surface-imaging technique allows him to perform spectrally resolved measurements from the visible to the microwave regime with an unprecedented spatial resolution. He has applied the technique to perform cutting-edge research in different fields, including fundamental solid-state physics, materials science, life science, and nanophotonics. His work reveals a unique combination of engineering skills and deep insights into the scientific problems of the various topics. Hillenbrand addresses both fundamental questions and applications reaching all the way to industrial maturity.