Live TUTORIAL: s-SNOM Image Processing and Presentation

Thursday, January 12th 2023 - 8:00 AM (PST)

Post-processing and presentation of s-SNOM Imaging data is a fundamental step which brings your experiment from data acquisition to publication. In this live tutorial, you will have the chance to follow along and expand your knowledge on how to use Gwyddion to generate scientifically clear and convincing images. Images which will enhance your next presentation, conference talk, or publication.

 Key learning objectives:

  • Interactive hands-on event with direct feedback on your needs,
  • Improve the quality of your s-SNOM data by image post-processing,
  • Quantify your results by careful image analysis.

During this 4 h tutorial you have the chance to present your challenge to us and together we will guide you through successfully processing and presenting of your data. We will analyze together  the same data set and go through all processing steps together one at a time. No prior experience with Gwyddion is needed.

Hosts: Dr. Lars Mester & Dr. Sergiu Amarie (Application Engineers @ neaspec), would be happy to be challenged by your questions and welcomes you live on stage.

Register now and watch later, if you can't make it to the live session.

Important Tools

This event is an online class which enables you to follow along all steps we present on screen. For the best leaning experience, we encourage you to download the learning package and install optional color gradients in your Gwyddion program.

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