Introducing Ultrafast Nanoscopy

On-Demand Event

Ultrafast Nanoscopy enables study of dynamic processes in nano-materials by providing time-resolved spectroscopy with nanoscale spatial resolution. In this webinar we present pioneering studies and introduce IR-neaSCOPE+fs, a product which pushes the spatial resolution limits of pump-probe spectroscopy to the nanoscale.

Key learning objectives:

  • Introduction to ultrafast nanoscopy technology,
  • Selected studies using ultrafast nanoscopy,
  • Configuration and advantages of IR-neaSCOPE+fs.

High performance with low peak-power lasers, 100% pointing stability, chirp-free optics and fully integrated turn-key system are just few features of the product introduced in this webinar allowing you to concentrate on research rather than on setup.

Hosts: Dr. Max Eisele (Product manager @ Toptica) & Dr. Sergiu Amarie (Aplication engineers @ neaspec).

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