neaSNOM Microscope – Where Optical Imaging & Spectroscopy meets AFM

Based on neaspec’s revolutionary technology, neaSNOM is the only microscope on the market capable of imaging & spectroscopy in the visible, infrared and even terahertz spectral region at only 10 nm spatial resolution.

This makes neaSNOM an ideal tool for cutting-edge nanoanalytics applications, such as nanoscale chemical component mapping and identification (nano-FTIR spectroscopy), profiling of free charge-carrier distribution, visualization of plasmonic fields, stress/strain imaging and many more.

Many scientists around the world trust in technology from neaspec for their publications in Nature, Science and other high impact journals.

Optimized to combine optical imaging & spectroscopy with AFM

Built-in patented optical background suppression for high-quality data

Desigend by the leading experts of apertureless near-field microscopy

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

  • Compact size X,Y,Z: 30 cm x 45 cm x 30 cm 
  • Coarse positioning ranges: X = 60 mm, Y = 15 mm, and Z = 8 mm
  • Coarse positioning resolution: < 200 nm
  • Scanning sample design to allow AFM-tip illumination
  • Scan-area: 100 µm x 100 µm X,Y closed-loop scan range
  • Scan-resolution X,Y: 0.2 nm (open-loop), 0.4 nm (closed-loop)
  • Scan-speed: up to 20 µm/s
  • Scan-time for e.g. 100 x 100 pixel = 1 x 1 µm image : 35s
  • Noise-limited Z-resolution (RMS): ≤ 0.2 nm 
  • Scan Z-range: 2.5 µm
  • Maximum sample size: 40 x 50 x 15 mm (X,Y,Z)

AFM Probing Head

  • Intermittent contact mode for optical background suppression
  • Ultra-high optical access to AFM tip (180° horizontal, 60° vertical)
  • Motorized positioning (X,Y,Z) for easy AFM-tip alignment
  • Positioning ranges: X = 30 mm, Y = 3 mm, and Z = 4 mm
  • Positioning resolution X,Y,Z: < 200 nm
  • Accepts AFM cantilevers up to 500 kHz resonance frequency

Optical High-Resolution Brightfield Microscope

  • Screening of region of interest (ROI) with < 0.8 µm spatial resolution
  • Field of view diagonal: 0.75 mm
  • High-speed 5 Mpixel CCD-camera

View topographic resolution test-measurement

AFM-Tip Illumination & Light Collection Unit (s-SNOM)

  • Patented parabolic mirror design for focusing & collection of light
  • Standard optical aperture NA = 0.39
  • Motorized XYZ-positioner of parabolic mirror objective for precise focusing of external light source to AFM-tip
  • Positioning ranges: X, Y, Z = 4 mm
  • Positioning resolution X,Y,Z: < 100 nm
  • Accepts visible, infrared & even THz illumination wavelength
  • Patented dual-port design for imaging & spectroscopy

Available Upgrades

Position Sensors for Motorized Parabolic Mirror

  • Enables simplified and faster focusing of light to AFM-tip
  • Adds optical sensors to X,Y,Z parabolic mirror adjustment axes
  • Sensor resolution: 10 nm

High NA Parabolic Mirror Objective

  • Improves S/N-ratio by higher numerical aperture (NA=0.46)
  • Accepts visible, infrared & even THz illumination wavelength
  • Supports patented dual-port design for nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy
  • Recommended for light-source systems with low S/N-ratio 

neaSNOM Scan Controller & Optical Signal Processing Unit

  • Synchronization of AFM mechanics with optical signals
  • Patented signal processing for optical background supression
  • Two custom ADC inputs for internal signal analysis
  • Four custom DAC outputs for external signal analysis
  • Requires neaSNOM User-PC (NPC-2) for operation

neaSNOM User PC

  • Real-time mechanical & optical signal visualization & data aquisition
  • 2 x 23” displays for user-friendly operation
  • Integrated user remote support 

neaSCAN Control & Data Acquisition Software

  • Real-time control and scan software for AFM and optical signals
  • Optical imaging and spectroscopy software modules 
  • Supports 1D, 2D and 3D scans
  • Pre-installed data visualization and analysis software (Gwyddion)