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neaSCOPE is an application-driven product line for tip-enhanced nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy, serving customer needs in diverse fields of science, engineering and industrial research, which include 2D materials, plasmonics, polymers, materials & life sciences, semiconductor research, cryogenic & ultrafast studies

Core Competences & Key Strengths

The neaSCOPE product line by the original developer of nano spectroscopy offers more application and wavelength coverage than any other product available in the market to enable maximum flexibility and scientific progress. It is the only platform that has generated significant publications in all areas of research with unmatched quality and success.

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Market-Leading Technology

neaSCOPE continuously revolutionizes nanoscale analytics with breakthrough innovations developed by world-leading expert team in tip-enhanced technology


Highest System Flexibility

neaSCOPE modular design guarantees a tailored start for your applications and accommodates your future needs with unprecedented upgrade potential


Reliability & Ease of Use

neaSCOPE integrates dedicated hardware with intuitive software that provides efficient guided workflow and delivers reproducible results even by new users.


Unmatched Scientific Impact

neaSCOPE functionality & performance is proven by unmatched publication record, making it #1 choice at renowned research labs around the world


Smart Interactive User Help

  • Guides users with tutorials, video examples and even recommend parameters,
  • Allows complex measurements to be performed even by new users,
  • Automatically detects user error and assists with interactive suggestions.

Guided User Interface

  • Distributes the workflow into intelligent tasks for easy learning and efficient use,
  • Live-feedback with real-time overlay of local properties with sample morphology,
  • Automatic routines for fast results and easy operation (e.g. automatic focusing).

Largest Sample Dimensions

  • Accommodates any sample size up to 50x100mm and even large wafers,
  • No further preparation of large and heavy samples, e.g. cleaving, cutting or breaking,
  • Stowe multiple compact size samples for fluent measurements.

Fastest Throughput

  • Alignment-free sample exchange for consistent measurements on different samples,
  • Fast and easy sample exchange preserving the alignment of the AFM tip,
  • Enables spectroscopy on samples without in-situ reference.

Please select your neaSCOPE

Entry model for nanoscale IR imaging & spectroscopy

IR-neaSCOPE is designed for nanoscale analysis that only requires measurements of IR absorbance. It detects laser-induced photothermal expansion in the sample using mechanical AFM-IR detection. Requiring no IR detector and interferometry, IR neaSCOPE provides a cost-efficient solution most suitable for samples with large thermal expansion coefficients (e.g. polymers, biomaterials, etc.). IR-neaSCOPE delivers IR absorption imaging, point-spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging. It is fully upgradable to IR-neaSCOPE+s for advanced capabilities.

Sets the benchmark in nanoscale tip-enhanced IR

IR-neaSCOPE+s is designed for providing complete chemical analysis and field mapping at 10 nm spatial resolution. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies of near-field microscopy to measure both IR absorption and reflectivity, as well as amplitude and phase of local electromagnetic fields. It provides IR nanoimaging, point-spectroscopy and hyperspectral analysis with CW illumination sources as well as nano-FTIR spectroscopy using broadband lasers and synchrotron sources. IR-neaSCOPE+s excels in both organic and inorganic materials analysis providing the broadest range of demonstrated applications and novel near-field methodologies such as quantitative s-SNOM or sub-surface measurements.

Enables ultrafast science at the nanoscale

neaSCOPE+fs pushes the spatial resolution limits of pump-probe spectroscopy. Accessible nano-FTIR fs-laser system provides a fully integrated hardware & software solution for capturing time dynamic phenomena at the nanoscale. Patented dual-beam design, dispersion-free optics and optional SDK provide compatibility with a large variety of pump & probe lasers for the realization of sophisticated high-power experimental setups and ground-breaking ultrafast research.

Revolutionizes near-field optical microscopy

VIS-neaSCOPE+s is optimized for robust amplitude- and phase-resolved vector field mapping in the visible spectral range. It utilizes best-in-class s-SNOM technologies for near-field imaging and spectroscopy of plasmonic nanostructures and waveguide structures. VIS-neaSCOPE+s provides the most flexible beam-path configuration capable of side, bottom illumination and polarization resolved-measurements for the highest application potential. It is upgradable for IR analysis and TERS.

Provides complete nanoscale vibrational analysis

IR-neaSCOPE+TERs combines nano-FTIR with TERS and Photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy for an ultimate characterization using elastic and inelastic light scattering from the same nanoscale spot. It allows for a simple alignment procedure using complementary IR or visible scattering, which delivers robust nanoscale Raman and PL performance even with standard metallized AFM tips.

Brings terahertz analysis to the nanoscale

THz-neaSCOPE+s enables THz imaging and spectroscopy at the nanoscale. A fully integrated, turn-key configuration based on a compact THz-TDS system allows immediate investigations of conductivity phenomena in semiconducting nanostructures, 2D nanomaterials and novel complex material systems. THz-neaSCOPE+s also supports various free-space coupled THz and sub-THz sources and provides unprecedently large access to the probing tip. In conjunction with the most flexible software integration among all SPM instruments on the market, THz-neaSCOPE+s is the most flexible instrument for nanoscale THz analysis.

Empowers to discover new science

cryo-neaSCOPE+xs enables near-field optical nanoimaging and nanospectroscopy at extreme cryogenic temperatures. It features high-quality near-field measurements in an unmatched spectral range from visible to IR and even THz frequencies. The system thus provides access to a full range of relevant energy scales and allows studying physical phenomena at temperatures down and below 10 K. cryo-neaSNOM+xs is based on a fully automated dry cryostat for easy cryogen-free operation with fastest in class turnaround times. The system provides confocal access to the sample and natively supports electrical transport measurements via integrated feedthroughs for ultimate cryogenic research.

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Deciding on a nanoscale microscope is a huge investment for any academic institution, and applying for a grant is often the best way to fund that investment. But grant writing itself is a formidable task, often taking months of preparation to submit an application in a highly competitive pool with notoriously low rates of approval. Let us be your partner in grant writing. We have years of experience in helping prepare grant applications that get results. The application process doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. Work with our experts to feel confident in the application you submit.

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Entry model for nanoscale IR imaging & spectroscopy

  • Pure IR signals, no mechanic influence
  • Max performance, without sample damage
  • High-Quality results, independent from user experience


Sets the benchmark in nanoscale tip-enhanced IR

  • Universal performance on all type of materials
  • Highest throughput without compromise on quality
  • Unlimited configuration options



Enables ultrafast science at the nanoscale

  • Fully integrated turn-key system
  • Highest temporal resolution
  • Unprecedented customization potential


Revolutionizes near-field optical microscopy

  • Analyse wave-attenuation, profile & dispersion
  • Guaranteed performance in the entire visible range
  • Covers the entire scope of plasmonics applications



Redefines nano-Raman & nano-PL spectroscopy

  • Max TERS even with standard AFM probes
  • Complimentary s-SNOM, TERS, and nano-PL
  • Fully integrated hardware and software



Provides complete nanoscale vibrational analysis

  • Same spot for nano-FTIR and nano-Raman/PL
  • Max TERS signal even with standard AFM probes
  • Single user interface for all measurement modes


Empowers to discover new science

  • Cryogenic temperatures down to <10K
  • Broadest applications range from IR-to-THz
  • Fast turn around time & low-cost operation