neaspec’s neaSNOM microscope wins the prestigious iF design award 2016 in the category products.


Each year the iF International Forum Design GmbH awards particularly well-designed industrial products to communicate the importance of design. The iF DESIGN AWARD is a symbol for excellent form, aesthetic quality and user-focused, efficient design around the world.

The neaSNOM near-field microscope was awarded the IF DESIGN AWARD, because it opens the view to nanoscale analysis in material sciences, chemistry, polymer sciences and even life sciences by spectroscopy. The complex inner structure with highly precise optical assemblies is structured to a set of modules that can be arranged according to individual customers’ demands. The modularity allows flexibility to add different laser sources and the illustration of the beam path explains which settings apply to the measurement.

The cooperation between physics and industrial design lead to a sophisticated tool with ease of use, flexibility for customization and noticeable precision.