Smaller and Faster: Infrared and Terahertz Spectral-Imaging at the Nanoscale with Synchrotron Radiation and Free Electron Laser Sources

01 Dec 2016 - 02 Dec 2016

Adriatico Guesthouse (AGH) at ICTP


“Infrared nanoscopy and nano-FTIR spectroscopy by elastic light scattering from a scanning probe tip”
Rainer Hillenbrand
1st Dec, Thursday, 2:30 pm

“Broadband IR nanospectroscopy: challenges and progresses using synchrotron radiation”
Raul Freitas
1st Dec, Thursday, 5:10 pm

“nano-FTIR – imaging and spectroscopy at 10nm spatial resolution”
Sergiu Amarie
2nd Dec, Friday, 11:20 am

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