neaspec user meeting at the APS

03 Mar 2015

Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio
United States

3rd floor, Bonham C

Save the date & come to our user meeting at the APS March meeting now! We have invited distinguished guest speakers to give you exciting insights into the newest research topics and measurement techniques.

Date: Tuesday, March 3rd

Time: 5:30-8:00pm

Additionally, we have neaspec & attocube experts talking on latest developments and product news.

Attendance is free & open to everyone and we are happy to invite you for some snacks, refreshments, and interesting talks after a strenuous day at the show…


“The world’s first cryo-optical table & other innovations in cryogenic microscopy”

Dr. Florian Otto, attocube systems, Munich, Germany

“Time-resolved low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy to investigate the dynamics of the superconducting condensate”

Dr. Joris Van de Vondel, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“Probing Charge Density Waves of 2D materials with Temperature-dependent Magneto-Raman Spectroscopy”

Dr. Angela Hight Walker, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

“Optical imaging of ferroelectric and magnetic materials at the diffraction limit”

Dr. Gervasi Herranz, ICMAB, Barcelona, Spain

“Introducing nano-FITR – imaging and spectroscopy at 10nm resolution”

Dr. Tobias Gokus, neaspec GmbH, Planegg, Germany

“Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy of molecular fingerprints”

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand, Nanooptics Group, CIC Nanogune, San Sebastian, Spain

“Broad-band ultra-fast nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging of complex materials”

Prof. Dimitri Basov, Department of Physics, UC San Diego, CA, USA

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