META 2012

19 Apr 2012 - 22 Apr 2012



“Enhanced vibrational near-field spectroscopy of PMMA with infrared antennas

Jon Mattis Hoffmann, Prof. Thomas Taubner, April 20, 2012. Session: Mid-Infrared and THz plasmonics I, Room 6

“Nanofocusing of mid-infrared light with antennas and transmission lines

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand, April 20, 2012. Session: Mid-infrared and THz plasmonics II, Room 6

“Infrared nano-spectroscopy and nano-imaging of Dirac plasmons in graphene

Prof. D. N. Basov, April 21, 2012. Session: Mid-infrared and THz plasmonics IV, Room B310

“Antenna-based infrared nanospectroscopy

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand, April 21, 2012. Session: THz and infrared plasmonics for microscopy, Room 5

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