APS March Meeting 2015

02 Mar 2015 - 05 Mar 2015

Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio
United States

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“Nanoimaging and manipulation of plasmons in graphene”

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand, Date/Time:March 2nd,11:15 AM–2:15 PM
Room: Grand Ballroom C3

“Nanoscale domains in thin-film pentacene seen by mid-infrared near-field spectroscopy”

Prof. Fritz Keilmann, Date/Time: March 3rd, 1:15 PM–1:27PM, Room: 214A

“Electrical control and detection of nanoscale optical fields with 2d materials”

Prof. Frank Koppens, Date/Time: March 2nd, 8:00 AM–8:36 AM, Room: Grand Ballroom C3

“Metal-Insulator Phase transition of VO2 nano crystals studied by nearfield nanoscopy”

Prof. Yohannes Abate, Date/Time: March 3rd, 10:00 AM–10:12 AM, Room: 201

“On the Repeatability of Domain Formation and Growth During the Metal-Insulator Transition in Vanadium Dioxide Films”

T. J. Huffmann, Date/Time: March 3rd, 11:39 AM–11:51 AM, Room: 201

“Terahertz nano-spectroscopy and imaging of superfluid surface plasmons in conventional and anisotropic superconductors”

H.T. Stinson, Date/Time: March 2nd, 11:51 AM–12:03 AM, Room: 006D

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