Our first nanoscale analytics workshop (May 2019) brought together 170 researchers from around the world and was a stunning success. It included more than 30 scientific talks on cutting-edge nanoscale research, as well as tutorials and live demonstrations from near-field microscopy experts.

Watch selected presentations:

Nanoscale study of metal corrosion

Dr. Magnus Johnson, university lector @ KTH Stockholm presents:
- benefit of nano-FTIR for corrosion studies
- premature detection of atmospheric corrosion
- identification of corrosion products at the nanoscale
- reduction of corrosion using inhibitors

Infrared synchrotron nanoscopy research at LNLS

Dr. Raul Freitas IMBUIA beamline leader @ LNLS presents:
- biosystems in their natural environment
- plasmon-phonon polaritons in G-hBN devices
- nano-drugs delivery in bacteria
- nano-chemistry of human hair

neaSNOM applications and configurations

Dr. Andreas Huber director of applications @ neaspec presents:
- polymer interfaces & nanoscale polyamide layers
- thin material coating with 2nm QTD molecules
- compositional map & statistical distribution in rubbers
- carrier concentration & dopping map in semiconductors

Uncover exotic properties of 2D materials

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand group leader @ nanoGUNE presents:
- dispersion of light in isotropic & uniaxial crystals
- Phonon-polariton propagation in h-BN
- hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in a h-BN slab
- exotic wave phenomena in 2D materials

Tutorial: basics of s-SNOM imaging & spectroscopy

Dr. Alexander Govyadinov product manager @ neaspec presents:
- how to circumvent the diffraction limit
- method for efficiently suppress background
- how to measures simultaneous absorption & reflectivity
- identification of nanoscale contaminations

Watching in-situ H diffusion dynamics in Mg

Julian Karst PhD student @ University of Stuttgart presents:
- dynamic plasmonic color display
- active plasmonics & switchable metasurfaces
- optimisation of H diffusion kinetics
- in-situ investigation of Mg/MgH phase transition

Tutorial: quantitative data analysis

Dr. Alexander Govyadinov product manager @ neaspec presents:
- nano-FTIR: the nanoscale analogue of standard FTIR
- analysis of dispersion mapping in 2D materials
- relationship between chemical-ID & sample thickness
- method of extracting carrier concentration from sSNOM data

nano-FTIR: useful tool for solving real-world problems

Dr. Iban Amenabar  nanooptics specialist @ nanoGUNE presents:
- polymer industry applications
- optimisation of rubber materials
- pharmacology & cosmetics
- application in biotechnology sector

Our second nanoscale analytics workshop (May 2022) brought together 200 researchers on site and was streamed live to over 500 online participants. It included more than 50 scientific talks on cutting-edge nanoscale research, as well as tutorials and live demonstrations from near-field microscopy experts.

Watch selected presentations from the workshop 2022:

Opening, Synchrotron and Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Dr. Rainer Hillenbrand – CIC nanoGUNE BRTA, Spain
Infrared nanoscopy - emerging tools for physical and (bio)chemical nanoanalytics

Dr. Raul Freitas – Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Brazil
Synchrotron IR nanospectroscopy at SIRIUS: current developments and perspectives

Dr. Bernd Kästner – PTB Berlin, Germany
Imaging of ferro- and antiferromagnetic domains using s-SNOM

Emerging Applications

Prof. Yohannes Abate – University of Georgia, USA
Nanoscopy of Decay, Impermanence, Crunch and Ultimate Death of Quantum Materials

Dr. Lars Mester – CIC nanoGUNE BRTA, Spain
High-fidelity nano-FTIR spectroscopy by on-pixel normalization of signal harmonics

Dr. Patryk Kusch – Freie Universität Berlin, Germany                                                           Applying dielectric disorder to image interlayer excitons in van der Waals heterostructures

Terahertz Applications

 Prof. Aleksandar Rakic – University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia                            Advances and challenges in THz scattering SNOM

Dr. Hynek Nemec – Institute of Physics, The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic      Band-bending in single-crystalline GaAs nanobars observed by nano-THz TDS.

Bio and Medical Applications

Dr. Aude Lereu – Institute Fresnel – CNRS, France                                                           Multimodal s-SNOM revealing plant cell walls physical and chemical properties

Dr. Rastislav Lagana – Technical University Zvolen, Slovakia                                                    The influence of cell wall composition on mechanics of natural poplar variants at nanoscale

Polymer Applications

Prof. Achim Hartschuh – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany                                VIS-IR nanospectroscopy of novel organic solar cell materials

Dr. Ognen Pop-Georgievski – Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic                     Infrared nanoscopy and nano-tomography of bioactive polymer brushes

 Dr. Monika Goikoetxea – CIC NanoGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain                                        Cross-sectional chemical nanoimaging of composite polymer nanoparticles by infrared nanospectroscopy

Prof. Szczepan Zapotoczny – Jagiellonian University Krakow, Poland                                Nanostructure and surface dynamics of binary mixed polymer brushes as revealed by advanced scanning probe microscopies

Dr. Nada Mrkyvkova – Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia                                      Nanoimaging of orientational defects in semiconducting organic films

Dr. Nikolay Kotov – KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden                        Detailed investigation of nanocellulosic materials with sSNOM

 Dr. Marcela Dendisova – University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic Nanoscopic study of biomimetic polydopamine anchored layers

2D Materials Applications

 Dr. Pablo Alonso-González – University of Oviedo, Spain                                                  Visualization of anomalous reflection and refraction of polaritons at the nanoscale

Prof. Siyuan Dai – Auburn University, USA                                                                            Infrared nano-imaging of configured phonon polaritons

Dr. Eva Pogna – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa, Italy                                                 THz photocurrent nanoscopy

 Gergely Németh – Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Hungary                            Rolled-up 2D for strong light-matter interaction: nanotube polaritonics

Inorganic Materials Applications

Prof. Jin-Chong Tan – University of Oxford, UK                                                                       Probing metal-organic frameworks via infrared nanospectroscopy and Tip-Force microscopy

Jonathan Larson – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA                                          Nano-FTIR of buried electrochemical energy storage interfaces and interphases

Dr. Jean-Yves Chauleau – SPEC CEA Saclay, France                                                        Observation and manipulation of antiferromagnetic distributions in magneto-electric multiferroics