Introducing neaSCOPE

Thursday 17th November 10 a.m. CET


neaspec neaSNOM have become a Swiss knife of optical surface analysis over the last decade, providing breakthrough technologies, unprecedented application potential, reliability, ease-of-use, and remarkable scientific impact for its users.

In this live event, we introduce the neaSCOPE – the neaSNOM successor that provides:

  • maximum correlative nanoscopy options for all-around sample surface characterization,
  • enhanced usability for simplified operation in shared user facilities and R&D labs,
  • software developer kit for maximum flexibility and expert users.

neaSCOPE incorporates the largest number of technologies for nanoscale optical analysis, such as AFM-IR, nano-FTIR, s-SNOM, Raman, Photoluminescence, etc. at room and even extreme cryogenic temperatures.

Target audience: expert, new and future users of neaspec microscopes.

Hosts: Dr. Alexander Govyadinov (Product Manager) & Dr. Sergiu Amarie (Application Engineer).

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