neaspec invites you to its 1st international workshop on Nanoscale Analytics

The workshop takes you through… scientific talks on various applications held by near-field microscopy experts tutorials on basic principles & data-analysis held by neaspec’s product manager an open discussion panel lead by the head of applications development a guided tour through our new NanoFactory facility incl. live-demos held by application engineers and a day trip…

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Researchers discover directional and long-lived nanolight in a 2D-Material

An international team led by researchers from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), University of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain), CIC nanoGUNE (San Sebastián, Spain), and Soochow University (Suzhou, China) discover squeezed light (‘nanolight’) in the nanoscale that propagates only in specific directions along thin slabs of molybdenum trioxide – a natural anisotropic 2D material –. Besides its unique directional character, this nanolight lives…

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First infrared nano-spectroscopy demo at the Canadian synchrotron (CLS)

With the support of the Canadian Light Source (CLS), a live demonstration of the neaSNOM nano-FTIR microscope in August 2016 provided researchers the opportunity to show synchrotron infrared nano-spectroscopy at the CLS for the first time. neaspec’s application engineer Tobias Gokus partnered with the Canadian Light Source scientists Scott Rosendahl and Stuart Read to implement the neaSNOM into the…

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neaspec wins the iF product design award 2016 for nano-FTIR

neaspec’s neaSNOM microscope wins the prestigious iF design award 2016 in the category products. Each year the iF International Forum Design GmbH awards particularly well-designed industrial products to communicate the importance of design. The iF DESIGN AWARD is a symbol for excellent form, aesthetic quality and user-focused, efficient design around the world. The neaSNOM near-field microscope was awarded the IF…

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Terahertz near-field microscopy at 30nm spatial resolution

Due to their long wavelengths, terahertz radiation runs into difficulties when detecting extremely small structures. However, by combining terahertz radiation with a near-field microscope, it is possible to increase the lateral resolution into the nanometer range. neaspec GmbH and Fraunhofer IPM have developed a ready-to-use terahertz system that is capable of achieving a spatial resolution…

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Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand (neaspec Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder) wins the Ludwig-Genzel-Prize 2014

Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand (neaspec Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder) wins the Ludwig-Genzel-Prize 2014 for the design and development of infrared near-field spectroscopy and the application of this novel spectro­scopic method in different areas of natural sciences. Prof. Rainer Hillenbrand is a pioneer and world-leading expert at developing devices for optical near-field microscopy. This revolutionary surface-imaging technique…

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attocube systems AG acquires the majority holding in neaspec GmbH

Munich-based nanotechnology specialist attocube took over the majority share in neaspec GmbH by mid-February. neaspec and attocube share a common history and the same values: They have been founded as spin-offs from prestigious research institutes (CeNS & Max-Planck-Institute), are passionate in developing excellent products, enabling applications close to the limit of what is physically and…

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neaspec wins STEP award competition 2013 for best product & technology

neaspec won the STEP award competition 2013 for the best product & technology. The laudators emphasized that the prize was awarded to neaspec, because its product and technology has the potential to become a champion in the field of chemical nano-analytics. The STEP award aims to stimulate companies in their growth phase for their successful future development. It is…

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nano-FTIR – A new era modern analytical chemistry

Nanoscale chemical identification and mapping of materials now becomes possible with nano-FTIR from neaspec GmbH. This technique combines the best of two worlds, the high spatial resolution of Atomic Force Microscopy and the analytical power of Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. nano-FTIR allows for fast and reliable chemical identification of virtually any material at the…

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neaspec wins CeNS Publication Award 2012

This year, neaspec wins two(!) CeNS publication awards from the Center of NanoScience in Munich: One for a Nano Letters publication for demonstrating the nano-FTIR technology with a custom-developed broadband IR-laser The other for a Nature publication for neaspec’s unique Graphene plasmon interference mapping technology

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neaspec selected as a top 20 finalist of the STEP award competition 2012

neaspec is selected as a top 20 finalist of the STEP award competition 2012. The STEP Award is a german enterprise award initiated by Infraserv Höchst and the F.A.Z.-Institute with a price money of 100.000 Euro. Together with numerous sponsors and partners, the award aims to stimulate companies in their growth phase for their successful development.

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Plasmons on Graphene with neaSNOM

Two independent research teams have successfully used their infrared near-field microscopes (neaSNOM) for laying down a ghost: visualizing Dirac plasmons propagating along graphene, for the first time. They also demonstrate electric tuning of these plasmons, important for applications. more… “Gate-tuning of graphene plasmons revealed by infrared nano-imaging”, Z. Fei,  A. S. Rodin,  G. O. Andreev,  W….

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